How to Consign – Upscale Resale Consignment
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How to Consign

What do we take in for consignment?

Clothing and accessories no later than 2-3 years old from Chanel to Chicos!

What are our best sellers?
DESIGNER HANDBAGS <3 Our customers love them, and cannot get enough of them! We also sell a good amount of St John, Designer shoes, Trendy tops, designer denim, and dresses!

How should I bring my items?
Folded in a basket, or on hangers. If you bring them on hangers, you may have your hangers back as we have our own shop hangers. Have too much to bring in yourself? Click here to find out about our Closet Concierge service.

Do you take all seasons? 
NO. We accept things seasonally.
From February-July we accept spring/summer items. From August-January we accept fall / winter items.

How long are my items displayed?
60 days.  After 60 days is up items are subject to store property and donation. We do this due to high volume of intake, and can provide a tax donation receipt upon request. Also throughout your consignment period items are marked down to motivate your items to sell. 

Can I pick my items up before 60 days is up and they expire?
Yes if you would like your items back before they expire just give us a courteous 48 hour notice and you may retrieve them!

How much will I receive for my consigned items? 

Items priced ($1-$99) you receive 40%

Items priced ($100-$500) you receive 50%

Items priced ($501-999) you receive 60%

Items priced ($1000 & up) you receive 70%

When do I get paid?

ANYTIME we are open after your items have sold! If you cannot come by the store you can request to have a check mailed to you for your convenience, for a handling fee of 1.00! You may also use any of the money in your account towards a purchase in the store and receive an additional 10% off towards your entire purchase!

Why consign with us? 
We truly have a passion for fashion, and want to make your experience while consigning with us easy and fun! We are a family based business with no hidden or start up fees and we genuinely care about our clients and customers. We are involved in the community by being apart of the Johns Creek chamber, and donating to several organizations throughout the Atlanta area.